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Abstract: Advertising plays an increasingly essential part in our daily life, especially in today’s life of economic globalization. As a way of transmitting information, advertising has already penetrated into every corner of people’s  life. It not only attracts consumers to buy products to create profits for advertisers but also promotes the cultural communication in the society. Messages sent by advertising such as words, language, photos and pictures influence the whole society. In the development of advertising English, a specific style has formed which includes different language features. And with the process of globalization, people start to put more emphasis on advertising English.The purpose of this thesis is to study the language features of advertising English. The thesis can be divided into three parts. The first part is the brief introduction of advertising including the history, definition, classification and the current situation. The second part is the four language features of advertising English, which are lexical features, syntactical features, rhetoric features and phonetic features. The last part is the comparison of advertising language between English and Chinese. By studying the professional knowledge of advertising English, copywriters are easier to arouse consumers’ interests, create profits and promote the harmonious development of cultural communication. 


Key words: advertising English; language features; comparison