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Abstract: Eugene O'Neill is the first great dramatist on American theater. He won the first Nobel Prize for literature in American theater artists. His biggest contribution in the United States dramatic history, was that he withdrew the spiritual value of tragedy to the optimistic country ----- United States. O 'Neill saw under the surface of modern and prosperity in the United States, there had hidden tragedy of people. A kind of people’s mental upset and degradation caused by the common spiritual crisis, but what make people became so upset and nervous? So O’ Neill used his tragedy creation to explore the root of American modern social morbid. At last, O’Neill found that it was the sick society which money is everything. And he tried to awake and inspire people to fight fate in adversity to achieve their own ideal and value. He wanted through his tragedy works to show the inherent good quality of people, so as to encourage people to live with courage and confidence. His thought of "people-first", motivate, influence on the people of the United States in the 19th century, at the same time ,also stimulated us to own our courage to fight fate, realize their life values. Even under the social environment of fierce competition.


Key words: tragic; death; humanity; people-first; the value of life