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Abstract: In The Great Gatsby, every character represents a typical kind of human personality. Gatsby represents the death of the American Dream, meanwhile, Nick represents a reticent and sensible soul. Tom represents a typical hereditary peer who is rich and vulgar, chasing fame and wealth, an empty soul beneath the great fortune and happy life. Daisy is a seemingly perfect woman; however, she is money worship and has been changed by the age, which is named the “Jazz Age” by Fitzgerald.  Every character is authentic and classic, deeply reflecting the spiritual life of the United States in the 20th.

   In this analysis, I use four main parts to analyze the character of Gatsby and Nick. First, I directly analyze different level of their character. Also, the formation and shape of a personality are related to the environment and the way author writes. So the rest parts are the use of symbolism and the famous American Dream.


Key words: character of Gatsby and Nick; Symbolism; American Dream