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关键词 科技领先战略,广告宣传,渠道建设,价值链


Abstract:There are a lot of new profession make their appearance with new technology innovation, especial in the last 20th century. The usage of internet gives an easy way for information spread. The life cycle of products has been shorter and shorter and the competition became more and more complicated. In order to survive in such competition, many companies are change their way in marketing. Some of them select technology-leader strategy, concept marketing and low-price strategy as their main method for competition. Each commencer is eager to make themselves different among others and the importance of channel maintenance has been recognized.  

This thesis mainly discussed a new marketing method, one yuan lease marketing method, which submitted by Shanghai body electronic equipment Co., Ltd, an equipment supplier on the line of cosmetology. This method combined traditional marketing method with lease-operation method. At the same time, it can make the equipment supplier be the partner with beauty culture. After a careful analysis of this method by use of five-power-analysis method, strengthen of this method is easy to find. 

At the end of this thesis, a short introduction of the method promotion was appeared and the view point for enterprise developing, innovation makes success was given.

Keywords Technology-leader strategy, advertise, channel-establishing, value chain