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关键词:金顶镇 ; 农村体育 ; 发展现状


ABSTRACT:This thesis is an investigation about the current situation of sports in rural, which mainly focus on the places, consumptions, funds, consciousness and the ground equipment. In this paper I mainly used the methods of questionnaire, interview and reference of documents. Rural residents who live in Jinding Town, Lanping County, Nujiang, Yunman Province (Dalong committees, Jinfeng committees, Zhangping committees, Qilian committees and Jinlong committees) are the people I investigated. From this investigation, I draw the conclusion that the rural sports had made great progress but at the same time, there are still some shortages. The reasons which lead to these shortages are as follows: (1) Lack of sports funds and facilities, non-standard specifications, facility damage cannot be fixed on time, and also, the playground is always occupied by others. (2) The items which the rural residents take part in are simplex and the content is tedious. (3) People there know little about the sports law and regulation, the enthusiasm of participating in physical exercise is not high. (4) With the constant development of the people’s diathesis, at the same time, each committee develops their sports resources and holds sports meetings depending on their local situation. These changes in some extent promoted the development of sports in Jinding Town. At last, I hope my thesis will provide some theories for the developing of sports in Jinding Town and I believe that the rural sports will have a bright future.

Key words:  Jinding town; rural sports; current situation