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摘 要:本文通过对T公司的生产车间进行了调查研究,发现T公司生产现场管理的问题比较严重。主要表现在生产车间的空间布局不合理、设备处理不当、车间环境不好、员工的工作态度不好。这些问题会导致企业产品质量不稳定、生产成本无法降低、无法提高生产效率等问题。通过对调查结果的分析研究,项目组制定出适合T公司的5S管理的实施方式。





ABSTRACT:By conducting a survey of T's production workshop, the project team has found several serious problems of T's production management, such as the production workshop space layout is unreasonable, improper handling equipment, workshop environment is not good and staffs bad attitude of working. These problems can cause a couple of problems, such as unstable product quality, increasing production costs and reducing production efficiency and other issues. Through the analysis of the survey results, the project team deicide to develop a suitable T's implementation of 5S management mode as follows:

    First, setting up a working group and changing the unreasonable workshop layout. The workshop corridor should be clean and tasty. The materials、tools and equipment and other aging should be move out of the workshop all places, inorder to reduce the waste of space and increase space utilization. Second, making a development of relevant rules and regulations and strengthening the 5S management to disseminate knowledge and education. Employees who working against violation of the provisions will be punished and will be praised and rewarded for good performance. Third, organizing various competitions, such as quiz show, skills competition and golden idea competitions. These activities motivate employees’ passion and strengthen the spirit of teamwork among employees. These games not only enrich their spare time also strengthen close cooperation between employees.

    By applying of 5S management, the T's production efficiency, equipment maintenance and employee satisfaction will have a huge improvement. However, the implementation of 5S management not happen overnight, companies need to persevere, persist in the end, and the ability to continue to improve, then the company will be able to continue to break itself and reache a record high level.

Key words: the 5S management; the machining enterprise; the production management in site