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关键词  Lux-girl;网络营销;营销策略


Abstract:Since the 1980s, relying on the development of the Internet and information technology, computer network quickly extends to every corner of the world. The scale of China 's Internet users and Internet penetration has increased year by year. On the one hand, the development of computer technology has changed people's consumption patterns. According to the survey, the rapid growth of the number of the Internet users contribute to shopping online is being a new way, and shopping online applications is growing rapidly. On the other hand, the development of computer technology changed the operating environment of the enterprise. As enterprise, the expanding market and the increasing opportunities brought both opportunities and challenges. The popularity of the concept of shopping online and Internet users changes in consumption attitudes help many businessman break the traditional single business model, to develop the  network channels, and seek new opportunities for sales growth.

   In this essay, Lux-girl as a specific research object has following study aspects. Firstly, a brief description of the background and significance of the thesis topics, research methods and content ideas elaborated. Secondly, the relevant theoretical overview of the definition and characteristics of network marketing, and comparative analysis of the traditional marketing and 4P 's theory Introduction. And then the analysis of the the Lux-girl network marketing present situation, drawn Lux-girl existing problems. Finally, on the basis of extensive reading and preliminary work preparation will be combined with the analysis of 4P 's theory and Lux-girl. From product strategy, pricing strategy, channel strategy and promotion strategy is summarized four areas  suitable for Lux - girl network marketing strategy, concluded on this basis.

Keywords  Lux-girl  network marketing  marketing strategy