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Abstract:The national treasury centralized payment refers to the monitoring system of the whole process of budget fund including collection, payment, using and auditing, named that all the financial capital is collected to the financial treasury single account, and stipulates that all the financial expenditure must be direct payment and authorized payment of the Treasury Department. Ten years ago, with the establishment of the socialist market economy and the public finance framework, the emphasis of the financial reform gradually turned to the fiscal revenue and expenditure management reform. But because of the lack of theory and understanding, and the increasing difficulties of interest adjustment and institutions' reestablishing, the fiscal revenue and expenditure management reform is being concerned widely and practiced energetically. Fiscal administration system is one of the most important parts of treasury management system. For over a decade, how to set up a new national treasury centralized payment system of being scientific, systematic, standardized and efficient has become a new research project of establishing public finance.

  At present, many expert and scholars in our countries have made relative theoretical researches and empirical researches on the existing problems and improving policies of the reform of the national treasury centralized payment system. Based on the above purposes and meanings, this paper reviews the ten years’ reform process and summarizes the successful experiences of this system, and then provides reasonable opinions and suggestions. The author hope that this paper can offer some theory references and strategies for the reform of the national treasury centralized payment system.

Keywords: the national treasury centralized payment; related reform; reform achievements; reform revelation