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关键词 内部控制;失效成因;措施


Abstract:The research on Reasons and Countermeasures of internal control failure of Zoje Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.With the establishment and improvement of China's socialist market economy, the financial fraud, impairment of public interests and so forth,  spread to the whole. Management  system of society. Hence , how to improve the competitiveness of enterprise in order that they can be able to  gain a foothold  in this competitive society? It makes Internal control,which is a important part of modern enterprise management and control,more and more valuable. However, some chinese enterprises are lax  in terms of internal control management, weakening inrelation with the control system ,which acounting for pervasive accounting frauds , resulting in distortion of accounting information. There is an earnest request of Chinese enterprises to establish a sound internal control system so as to improve the efficiency of internal control. Implementation of effective internal accounting system in enterprise is conducive to the authenticity and reliability of accounting information, the formation of a sound internal supervision and restraint mechanisms, which is a strong guarantee for enterprises to achieve their  objectives of business management.   By analyzing the documents of domestic scholars in document- analysis fashion , this paper does in-depth research to understand the problems of internal control. By adopting Case-Study Method andcanonical-anatical method,first of all,through the study on the status of the internal control system of Zoje Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., identify the specific performance of the Company's internal control failure,and analyze the cause of failureabout  concrete manifestation of the internal control system ,Finally, combine the specific situation causes put forward the corresponding countermeasures,and reasonable proposals to improve the company's internal control system.

Keywords  Lternal  control  Failure causes  Measures